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Winter Wonderland in Finland


End of January and the first week of February 2018 I joined 2 trips, organised by Finnature (www.finnature.com ). The first week was concentrated around the area of Kuusamo. The program contained both bird and landscape photography.

 The program was called " Winter Wonderland", which was very well chosen, because they had huge amounts of snow (most over the past 30 years!)._DSC1663.jpg

huge snowfall in the ski area around Ruka

 The first day we spend in the Ruka area, starting with photographing Siberian Jay and later on, Dippers, who were gathering in a river which, depite of the low temperatures, was not frozen.


Siberian Jay portrait


Eurasian Dipper taking off




An Otter along the same river

Next day we went to a place close to Oulanka NP, to picture Golden Eagles out of a heated hide. We could make photo's of Black and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Eurasian Jays and several species of Tit, but failed to see Golden Eagles.


Black Woodpecker


Siberian Tit



high key Black Woodpecker


fighting Eurasian Jays....

Next day we went to Oulanka National Park and hiked along the river.



Oulanka River


The river with the dippers in the evening hours...

 Wednesday 31 of January we went back to the hides for a second attempt to picture Golden Eagles. That day we succeeded in taking a lot of photo's of these fantastic raptors!


Landscape close to Oulanka NP




Black Woodpecker portrait..

And then, all of a sudden, a pair of Golden Eagles appeared....


Golden Eagle in a white world...



Golden Eagle on a dead fox...





Great Spotted Woodpecker and Crested Tit, both in flight...



Golden Eagle Sunset


That evening we saw a moon eclips....

To complete Winter Wonderland we had a fantastic day on February 1: the alien landscapes of Riisitunturi National Park and other similar area's in the neighbourhood.


Sunrise at Riisitunturi NP....






the blue hour...