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Isle of Skye


Bay at Ord, South West Skye 

During our autumn visit to Scotland, after we visited Glencoe (see previous newsblog) we extended our trip with a 4 day visit to the Isle of Skye. We rented a nice house at the beach, in the hamlet of Ord, South Western Sky.

 The island, one of the Inner Hebrides , is famous for its landscapes, specially in autumn and most of the numerous bed & breaksfast accommodations didn't have any vacancies. Fortunately, we've booked a house in advance. The little hamlet of Ord lies at the end of a single track of 8 km long. On the way we came across a lot of sheep, cows and Red Deer. Our main focus, of course, was landscape photography.


Bay view from Aramadale harbour


 Waterfalls near Sligachan Bridge

Skye has many so-called highlights as far as spectacular landscapes are concerned. One of them is the old bridge near Sligachan (where it is difficult to keep the tourists out of the picture...) and especially the waterfalls and rapids in the river , a short walk from the bridge.


Mosaic of pebbles 


Sligachan Falls and autumn colors


old Sligachan Bridge

Jeroen Scheffers, who organized this trip, did search the internet for photographic highlights and we all benefit from his work. But often you don't need the highlights because you come across things you find very beautiful. Driving to Elgol we saw great colors along a bay, mainly caused by seaweed, grass and the colors of the highlands in the back.


Close to Elgol


 Colorful lines

Probably the biggest tourist attraction is " The Old Man of Storr", a small group of pinacles in the north eastern part of the island. You will have to walk for more than an hour to reach the highest point (where you will be able to have fantastic views). Dragging your camera gear and tripod up was sometimes quite a challenge, but in the end we managed to make some nice pictures with, again, a cooperating sky...


the Old Man of Storr

On our last full day on the island we payed a visit to Tallisker Bay and Beach and, of course, we did not forget the famous Tallisker distillery....


Ferns, ferns and ferns: they give a warm tone to the landscapes of Scotland


Forest, close to Ord


Tallisker Beach overview


Tallisker Beach


Beach Art


Lower part of a cascade, close to Tallisker Beach