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The last days of May we visited Texel Island, which is at this time of the year, as well as in June, great for picturing birds, flowers and, as I found out, insects like damselflies.

 DSC9807 kopie


 To start with birds, opposite our little campsite were some meadows with breeding Black-tailed Godwits. This bird is the icon of our so-called "meadow birds". I pictured them mainly in the early morning, often with fog and in backlight.

 DSC6316 kopie


 DSC6064 kopie

black and white and high key

 DSC9845 kopie

with a typical Texel sheep shed, called " schapeboet"  in the back

These meadows are surrounded by wild flowers.

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 DSC0130 kopie

 DSC0178 kopie

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At the southern tip of the island lies the Mokbaai. In the vicinity of this bay I found a lot of gathering damselflies. With my Nikon D800 and Nikkor VR 105 mm macro I 'd spent quite some time there :

 DSC9706 kopie


 DSC9739 kopie

 DSC0032 kopie

Cirque du soleil....

More birds

 DSC5609 kopie


Greylag Geese in nature reserve Waal en Burg

 DSC5866 kopie

Black-headed Gull 

 DSC6355 kopie

Black-headed Gull in backlight

 DSC5973 kopie

juvenile Avocet

 DSC6114 kopie

European Reed Warbler

 DSC9804 kopie

An early Texel morning