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The last days of May we visited Texel Island, which is at this time of the year, as well as in June, great for picturing birds, flowers and, as I found out, insects like damselflies.

 DSC9807 kopie


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End of April Ellie and I went to NE-Poland, to visit the famous Biebrza marshes once more. During our stay we had good weather, both for camping as well as for photography. A couple of mornings I tried out my self constructed floating hide. See the pictures of Ruffs and Wood Sandpipers. 009

Wood Sandpiper , pictured out of my floating hide, alongside the Biebrza River

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Half April me and a friend of mine, Jeroen Scheffers (also member of the VNF-Apeldoorn) went to Finland for a week to portrait Brown Bears and hopefully species like, Wolverine. Like last time, a couple of years ago we visited Wild Brown Bear ( www.wildbrownbear.fi ) near Vartsius (Kuhmo community), 2 km from the border with Russia. Despite the fact that Finland, like so many European countries had an early Spring this year, there was still some snow left in the taiga.


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March: The Transition

March is usual the Month of transition , from Winter to Spring. The first migrants are coming back (Although already in February the first Godwits and Spoonbills return), like Bluethroats. This is one of our most photoscenic songbirds, specially the males with their blue throat, their courtship and their nightingale-like song. As a matter of fact, they are of the same family as the Nightingale.


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Last Christmas, after seven years, we visited Extremadura once more. It still is one of Europe's nature area's with high values. Despite having been there several times in the past, I was never able to photograph iconic species like Black Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle and the elusive Bonelli's Eagle. That is why I made contact with Photo-Raptors, based in the Sierra de San Pedro, east of the city of Cáceres. This little organisation has several hides on private land in this mountain range.



Portrait of a Black Vulture

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