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March: The Transition

March is usual the Month of transition , from Winter to Spring. The first migrants are coming back (Although already in February the first Godwits and Spoonbills return), like Bluethroats. This is one of our most photoscenic songbirds, specially the males with their blue throat, their courtship and their nightingale-like song. As a matter of fact, they are of the same family as the Nightingale.


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Last Christmas, after seven years, we visited Extremadura once more. It still is one of Europe's nature area's with high values. Despite having been there several times in the past, I was never able to photograph iconic species like Black Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle and the elusive Bonelli's Eagle. That is why I made contact with Photo-Raptors, based in the Sierra de San Pedro, east of the city of Cáceres. This little organisation has several hides on private land in this mountain range.



Portrait of a Black Vulture

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In comparison with the subjects in my first autumn 2013 blog, these items are a bit bigger, ranging from birds to forest landscapes with autumn colors. During this autumn birdwatchers and twitchers from Holland and neighbouring countries were focused on a beautiful vagrant: the Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula). This fantastic owl from the boreal forests stayed for quite a while in the city of Zwolle. Thousands and thousands of pictures were made of this bird. That is why i conclude the event with a sort of painting (made by using PS ,from a picture I took in Zwolle beginning of December:

 DSC9021 kopie 2


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In this blog I uploaded pictures of small subjects like moss and toadstools,all made during this autumn. Most of the pictures , if not all, were made with my Nikkor VR 105 mm Macro lens and with my Nikon D800 camera.


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This is the last part of my Iceland Review and it is all about the famous and spectaculair landscapes of Landmannalaugar. We've been camping there for three days and the weather was horrible half of the time, rain and grey. But even that is sometimes good for taking landscape pictures. On the other hand we were quite lucky: heavy overcast with some sunny spells is a guarantee for fantastic light.

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